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Effective onboarding is necessary for the attainment of successful progress needed to achieve an organization’s mission. New employees often have about three months to prove their worth in an organization. Having a well articulated onboarding plan, therefore, ensures these new employees are able to adjust to their new roles effortlessly and expeditiously. To achieve this, [...]

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Pertinent ability and knowledge required to carry out specific tasks as well as relevant work experience are important when hiring new employees. However, there are other key personal traits a hiring manager should look out for during recruitment that ensure you bring on board the right candidate for the job. Such traits are better observed [...]

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Employee relations go beyond the basic relationship between managers and employees. A good employee relation focuses on the fair and consistent treatment of employees and the mutual respect between the management and employees. This helps to achieve productivity and the maintenance of employees’ loyalty to your company.  There are four aspects of employee relations that [...]

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There exists a more efficient way of managing people through work design, hiring and employee development according to MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR). The dandelion principle- the new method offers more benefits compared to the established HR practices. This principle requires that recruitment of potential workers be done based on their diverse skills, abilities, [...]

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  A great resume creates a good first impression and is the path through which one pitches themselves to a potential employer. In order to develop a resume that will increase your chances of getting hired, a few basic factors should be considered to wow the hiring manager.  The length of your resume is an [...]

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Ways to Boost Employee Relationships

Improving employee relations at the workplace can have significant benefits in the growth trajectory of your company. Employees are the backbone of the company and in order to have a successful employee relationship with them a culture of strong communication must be cultivated.  Employees should be allowed to participate in key decision making processes so [...]

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The Importance of Project Management

Prior to carrying out a project, proper planning is required as there are numerous tasks to be incorporated and completed for a project to be successful.  The main obstacle faced in project management is achieving clients objectives despite the constraints involved. The amount of work involved can be deemed cumbersome thus the need to have [...]

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Your Guide to Understanding HR Policies

HR policies are official regulations and procedures that guide organizations on how particular matters at the working place should be approached and dealt with.  HR policies are often tied with the laws of the region in which a company is and are, therefore, important as non-adherence to them could lead to different kinds of consequences [...]

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How does Outsourcing Benefit Your Organization

HR outsourcing has optimized business performances with the trend continuing to increase across top performing companies. Improved expertise achieved from outsourcing  elements of your HR is crucial in improving work productivity as there is access to improved HR systems, increased efficiency and the resources available internally are used to carry out other key tasks in the [...]

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Why Outsourcing HR is Beneficial To Your Company

Outsourcing certain elements of your Human Resource process is beneficial to your company. Not only is it cost effective but it grants your company an avenue to connect with HR skills that are not available internally. There are various ways in which a company can seek some of its HR functions from another company.  These [...]

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