Pertinent ability and knowledge required to carry out specific tasks as well as relevant work experience are important when hiring new employees. However, there are other key personal traits a hiring manager should look out for during recruitment that ensure you bring on board the right candidate for the job. Such traits are better observed during the interview process and they include: Effective communication skills- a potential candidate should be able to communicate well in both their written and spoken languages.

Character- A good attitude tells a lot about a person and is integral in letting on how a candidate will deal with issues henceforth. It also illuminates how a candidate will incorporate their character into the workplace and whether he/she is a team player.

Principle- Every employer seeks to find a potential employee who has integrity. A good way to determine this is by asking how the candidate would solve a situation they find themselves in which is unethical or how they have dealt with it before.

Commitment- Establishing the commitment level of a potential candidate from the onset is important so you do not end up taking on someone who will quit later. Discuss his/her future plans with them and how they feel your organization will help them achieve them.This helps to gauge the mind set of the candidate and their commitment to the new role. 

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