A great resume creates a good first impression and is the path through which one pitches themselves to a potential employer. In order to develop a resume that will increase your chances of getting hired, a few basic factors should be considered to wow the hiring manager. 

The length of your resume is an important aspect that a hiring manager looks into. In determining the appropriate length, ensure you limit your resume to details that are concise so that you do not burden the hiring manager with too many details. 1- 2 pages is sufficient.

Ensure that you include your contact information in your resume as that is the only way a potential employer will be able to reach you. This information is better placed at the header of your resume.

Include the most significant skills that are aligned to the position  you are applying to. Highlight such skills so as to ensure the hiring manager is able to see them the moment they get a hold of your resume.

Outline the institutions you have worked at previously, to showcase your experiences. Here, it is important to include the period you worked there, the title of positions held as well as your key responsibilities and accomplishments.

A hiring manager is also keen to see whether your qualifications align to the job applied for. Ensure you include your certifications and degrees attained. It is also important to outline the level of education in your resume.

Finally, it helps to add a bit of extra information on the experiences you have that do not directly relate to the job. Such information includes volunteer experience, awards attained, hobbies and also other positions held that help to demonstrate other qualities and skills you possess that could come in handy in the future.


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