Effective onboarding is necessary for the attainment of successful progress needed to achieve an organization’s mission. New employees often have about three months to prove their worth in an organization. Having a well articulated onboarding plan, therefore, ensures these new employees are able to adjust to their new roles effortlessly and expeditiously. To achieve this, it is essential that the company’s HR makes use of a pre-boarding site. This site is useful in filling up the required paperwork online before beginning their new role. The essence of this is establishing the approach needed to incorporate the new employee into the workplace culture.

The HR should inform both the managers and the new employees of the onboarding process. This is to help each one of them know the role they will play in the process so as to make it smoother. Having checklists and draft templates of best practices is also vital in attaining that. 

During the onboarding process, it is important that checkups and reviews are done before the lapse of  the three months threshold. This is to help determine areas that need improvement for the continuation of the onboarding process.

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