Lina Hariri – Director

After 15 years working across different departments in HR in the UK and Dubai, I founded AskHR to offer HR advice and guidance to companies that do not have their own HR department. I can help you focus on your business by taking care of all your human resources needs.

Whether you need help with recruitment, contracts, disciplinary, or anything a large corporate HR team would normally provide, I can be of assistance, leaving you free to get on with growing your business..”

I am the work colleague that everyone wants to know. But no one wants to do what I do because it takes a lot of personal time and effort to be there for everyone.

I try to make everyone’s life easier. It’s no different at work. There are not many things that can make a business grow like trust and reliability, and I am proud to be so dedicated to both.

Nick Hariri – Finance Manager

In the last 18 years I have been fortunate to work for 2 large Global Enterprises, in IT and Insurance, through which I have gained extensive knowledge and experience which I can now share with small and medium businesses, helping them implement best practices in area such as Business and Sales Management, Commissions & Incentives and Banking and Payment Services.

Companies today have to come up with a lot of ideas to keep things running; and to keep things running, employees have to be enthusiastic about their work. But what is the best way for you as an employer to keep them happy? Correct: with money. With modern commission and bonus models, companies can significantly increase the productivity of their sales. I can help with putting in place effective commission and bonus structures.


After you put in the time, effort and investment to hire the best employees possible, you need to retain that talent.

Salary, retirement plans and vacation benefits are high on the list of why those great employees took the job, but they are not reasons enough to keep them in your employ for the long haul. Job satisfaction will increase your employee retention rate. AskHR can help you create HR strategies that you can use to retain your talent.


I am committed to providing you with the quality solutions you need to realise your HR Strategies and attract and retain the top talent for your business.

I always aim to become a genuine partner with every business I work with. I see my role as helping your business grow and succeed through maximising your most crucial asset, your people.

“AskHR provides custom solutions to a variety of industries. Our contributions include project oversight, day-to-day client support, and on-going consultation. My vision for AskHR is to build an HR Consultancy that provides unrivalled solutions to local and international clients in the United Arab Emirates.”



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