Are All HR Audits Created the Same?


There are multiple types of HR audits with differing goals. The two main types are risk mitigation and value creation. While you can conduct both types of audits simultaneously, they will focus on different aspects of your HR processes and policies. Risk mitigation will mainly look for areas where you can get into legal trouble or are leaving yourself open to employment-related lawsuits. Value creation will mainly look for areas where your processes and policies can be improved to maximize the value of your employees or attract better employees.

What Areas do HR Audits Examine

When you conduct an HR audit you can look into one or more of the following areas, depending on your concerns, budget, and time frame.


The HR audit is only one part of the whole. HR managers should therefore continuously address the optimization of internal processes, workflows and concepts. In this way, they guarantee the quality of their work and help the company to be successful and gain a competitive advantage in the long term.