Organizational Development(OD) through HR encopasses different aspects that lead to the growth of a company through talent oversight. Such talent is managed through the outlining of jobs, arrangement of system structures, performance review, as well as productivity determination. It also includes the creation of a conducive work and learning atmosphere at the workplace.

Ways in which HR can lead to the achievement of a company’s success through OD is;

Hiring qualified people and resources that align with current and future requirements of the company. 

Create a process that determines employees strengths and capabilities as well as weakness so as to be able to maintain and improve them. 

Inform employees about the company’s goals and encourage them to work towards that.

Address workplace issues in a timely and expeditious manner.

Manage performance by developing an environment of accountability whereby success is gauged and low performers are tasked with improving their work or risk getting replaced by the company.

Create resources for training and professional development that is aligned to the companies organizational goals and achievements.

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