Employee relations go beyond the basic relationship between managers and employees. A good employee relation focuses on the fair and consistent treatment of employees and the mutual respect between the management and employees. This helps to achieve productivity and the maintenance of employees’ loyalty to your company. 

There are four aspects of employee relations that act as a backbone to a successful and progressive employee relations that a Human Resource management program should incorporate. They include: candid communication; an open communication ensures that your employees are free to talk to youwhenever they have a problem. This makes it possible for both the management and employees to open up truthfully about any issues and thus ensure problems are dealt with as soon as possible. 

Recognition is essential as it boosts employees morale when their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. This in turn, makes them work even harder therefore, increasing productivity.

The other pillar that impacts employee relationships is investing in your workers. Investing in them means you give them more benefits than the usual remuneration they are entitled to. This could be in the form of further training, giving them some time off when they have matters to attend to and incorporating wellness programs at the workplace for them.

 Lastly, it is vital that constant and honest feedback towards each other is encouraged at the workplace. When one party is doing well, it is essential that they are told so they can keep it up and when there is an issue that needs addressing, constructive feedback is given to improve.

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