There is often some bad habits that are common at the workplace that inhibit productivity. If not checked, they could be the reason your company is not progressing and you are not aware!

Here are some of them:

Poor communication- This has quite the negative impact at the workplace. It leads to delays in the completion of tasks as people are not aware of what is expected of them.

Multi-tasking- Although it is sometimes considered a good quality, it can also inhibit productivity. This is because you engage in different tasks that require distinct concentration, dedication and timing. It is essential at the workplace that you deal with each task at a time. 

Postponing tasks that are hard- it is important to understand what time of day you are most active and in better shape to handle a task. Sometimes, putting off a hard task to work on later in the day makes it more difficult as at that time one is already mentally and physically exhausted.

Aimlessly surfing the internet to sites that do not help with your tasks- this is a trait that will alter your focus making it difficult for you to concentrate and it steals your valuable time.

Chasing perfection- Although you need to give your best at the workplace, it is essential to let ideas develop with time and avoid beating yourself up when things don’t align instantly. Always strive for continuous progress rather than perfection.

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