Job interviews most often bring the jitters even to the best of us.Here are a few interview tips to make you feel more at ease during your next interview.

Plan and prepare – do some research on the company you are attending the interview at and even your interviewers. It helps to practice common interview questions and their best answers so you are better suited to sell yourself to the interviewer. 

While preparing yourself, keep in mind your abilities and experiences as they are integral while answering those interview questions.

Make sure you understand the job description for the post you are applying to so that during the interview you are better placed to offer yourself as the solution to their needs.

During the interview, highlight your most significant strengths. Offer the interviewer a chance to know how those strengths impact the role you seek by mentioning how they have helped you tackle problems in the past. The key here is to be as honest as possible because when you get the job there is a possibility your claims will be tested.

Ensure you are concise and specific while answering interview questions. It is important to answer questions that have been asked and remain confident while doing so. Body language and demeanor tell much about a person to an interviewer.

Lastly, when given a chance to speak about previous employment and why you are leaving, ensure you do not talk ill of former employers or colleagues as that will impact how the interviewer views you. It will enable them discern how you might speak about them when the time comes for you to leave their employment. 

Good luck in your next interview!

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