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Labour Law 33 of 2021

The new UAE Labour Law, Federal Law No. 33 of 2021, will come into effect on February 2, 2022. Employers will need to follow the new law and should therefore start reviewing existing employment contracts, local policies and procedures, now.Here are just some of the changes: - Flexible contracts, including full-time, part-time, temporary or [...]

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Keep calm and carry on!

Keep calm and carry on! How do you motivate your employees in the current climate? Since the Coronavirus pandemic took hold, working from home has become the new reality for lots of professional workers, including those in the tech sector. How do you motivate and engage your employees? Have you thought about introducing virtual social [...]

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Tips to Writing a Powerful Cover Letter

A cover letter can be equated to the window through which an interviewer comes into contact with your personality. A great cover letter ought to reveal your personality as it is the first item that introduces you to your potential employer. You, therefore, have to make it as impressive as it can get. Writing a [...]

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The Importance of Learning for Your Career Growth

The workplace is a continuous, competitive learning environment even when one feels as if they have exhausted all levels of learning  affiliated with their type of job.  Several factors make it impossible for one to assert themselves as sufficiently learned and not in need of furthering their education. Factors such as the emergence and advancement [...]

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Effective Recruitment Process

Do you have an effective recruitment process? What techniques do you use in your interviews? There are many ways you can assess a candidate’s capability. At a time where many candidates are hesitant about changing companies, it’s essential that you use the time with them effectively and create a better outcome for all. 1. Focus [...]

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How can AskHR help

We start with a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your business so we understand your strategic direction, culture, challenges and business processes. From this we can determine how and where greater performance and alignment can be achieved across the organisation. We develop detailed process workflows, functional descriptors and job descriptions that detail accountability and responsibility [...]

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What can HR learn from the Netflix star?

This is a brilliant way of organising your office. Workplaces too could be freshened up and made more efficient by those willing to follow Marie Kondo's advice. Contact us on info@askhr.ae and find out how we can help you make your processes leaner and help you organise your paperwork and systems. #paperwork #businessandmanagement #humanresourcesmanagement #hr [...]

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Tech: HR’s Friend Or Foe? 4 Simple Ways To Befriend Tech To Create Winning Employee Experiences

We at AskHR Consultancy can help you implement new HRIS systems and streamline your operation. We can also help you implement great employee engagement tools which can identify employee satisfaction. So contact us if we can help you with your digital transformation. hashtag#digital hashtag#humanresources hashtag#technology hashtag#hrtransformation hashtag#digitaltrends Tech:HR's Friend or Foe?

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Employee Policies

Your employees should have access to clear policies related to paid leave, discipline and grievance processes, etc. This should be made available during their on-boarding and thereafter during regular reviews. We at AskHR Consultancy Services can help you implement such policies and frameworks. Contact us on info@askhr.ae if you would like to have a chat [...]

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