A cover letter can be equated to the window through which an interviewer comes into contact with your personality. A great cover letter ought to reveal your personality as it is the first item that introduces you to your potential employer. You, therefore, have to make it as impressive as it can get.

Writing a cover letter has no standard formula. The only requirement is that it is well coordinated to the specifications of the job you are applying to.

An outstanding cover letter  has to have a remarkable introduction, definitive body which entails examples of work done and problems that you have solved and a brief conclusion with a call to action.

You have to include in your cover letter  how your previous work experience and the skills you possess coincide with the job you are applying for. It is also important to disclose to the interviewer why you would like to work in their organization  so that this information convinces them why you are the right candidate for the job.

While telling your story in the manner above, ensure you remain honest as misrepresentation could lead to loss of the position applied for, if in the future you are asked to do a certain task you lied about.

Following the above tips will ensure you write a compelling cover letter that will put you ahead of the rest of the interviewees. Good luck.